The Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently Program (MOREOB) recognizes patient safety as the fundamental principle in healthcare. Achieving improved patient safety within the hospital environment requires substantive, sustained change within the clinical practice culture and care delivery systems.

MOREOB helps the patient care team build a new practice model in which all disciplines work and learn together to create a community of practice (COP) rich in knowledge and experience by breaking down traditional hierarchies and establishing an environment of respect and trust and continuous learning.

In July 2007, SOGC and the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) successfully completed negotiations that will expand the success of the MOREOB model to new levels. The new partnership included the creation of a new company, the Salus Global Corporation, which will expand the MOREOB program and begin the introduction of a broader hospital patient safety program called 9+one. This new program will address safety issues in other clinical and nonclinical units with the hospital framework.