Get Involved


There are a number of ways for members to get more involved with the work of the SOGC.


SOGC members are invited to share their expertise, their experience, and their ideas by participating on one of our numerous committees. Please visit the Committees page for a complete listing and current vacancies.


Media relations

Are you comfortable speaking with the media? The SOGC receives numerous interview requests from media, including newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. Whether you are an expert on a specific topic or still in residency but knowledgeable about sexual and reproductive health, we invite you to join our list of media spokespeople. Please get in touch with us:


Board of Directors

The SOGC Board of Directors provides oversight for the governance and strategic planning of the society. Dynamic, skill-based board members are nominated and elected by the membership at large through a transparent voting process. Please visit the Governance page for more information.


Volunteer at the ACSC


The SOGC’s Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference is a busy and exciting time! As you can imagine, hosting an event for nearly 1,000 participants requires teamwork, long hours, and a good pair of shoes. Volunteers are needed for various tasks throughout the week of the conference. Please get in touch with us:


Public speaking opportunities

Are you comfortable speaking in public? Do you have a specific expertise that is worth sharing with others? We are continuously looking for people to present at CME events or public forums. Please get in touch with us:


Expert reviewers for public education

The SOGC strives to ensure that the public receives the most up-to-date and accurate information about their health. Volunteers with expertise on sexual health, contraceptives, STIs, HPV, menopause, pregnancy, and endometriosis are needed to review and update the SOGC’s public education websites and resources. Please get in touch with us:


Become a mentor

Many medical students and residents are looking for guidance on how to develop their career portfolio, which path to take, and how to handle the multiple demands that come with starting a practice. Sharing your experience and knowledge can make a difference. Please get in touch with us:



Is there an issue that you are passionate about that demands the attention of health policy and decision makers? Become an advocate for women’s health and join the SOGC in our efforts to ensure that every woman has access to health care services. Please get in touch with us:


Membership recruitment

Together, we are stronger. Encourage your friends and colleagues to join the SOGC - send them our "Membership Matters!" flyer. Share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter about why SOGC membership matters to you, using the hashtag #MembershipMatters.



Make a donation or start a fundraiser

You can support women’s health by making an online donation to the Canadian Foundation for Women's Health. Have an idea for a fundraiser? Please get in touch with us: