Resident Committee

The objective of the Resident Committee is to provide a forum in which ob/gyns in training can express opinions and recommendations pertaining to issues affecting training and practice, to create resources for ob/gyn residents, to promote the specialty of ob/gyn to medical students and the community and to address issues directly impacting on ob/gyn residents.

The Resident Committee allows for a national voice for residents within the SOGC. The Chair of the Resident Committee holds position on Council thus ensuring the resident's concerns and/or needs are heard. Additionally, Residents also have input with respect to different committees of the SOGC.


Ms. Janie Poirier (Committee Coordinator), Dr. Stephane Foulem (Chair 12-13), Dr. Heather Millar (Chair 13-14), Dr. Christy Pylypjuk (Fellow 13-14)

SOGC Resident Committee Overview PowerPoint presentation 2013-2014

Resident Committee Members 2013-2014

Resident Committee Manual 2013-2014

Resident Committee Terms of Reference 2013-2014

Resident Committee Schedule of Meetings and Teleconferences 2013-2014

Resident Committee Newsletter Articles Submission Schedule 2013-2014

Resident Committee Yearly Reports

The following are the Junior Members Committee "Yearly Reports" submitted by the Chair of the Junior Members Committee. These reports are presented to the SOGC Council every year in June at the SOGC Council meeting that takes place during the SOGC Annual Clinical Meeting.

Year Chair Yearly Report
2014 Dr. Heather Millar Report
2013 Dr. Stephane Foulem Report
2012 Dr. Cynthia Nair Report
2011 Dr. Christy Pylypjuk Report
2010 Dr. Ardelle Stauffer Report
2009 Dr. Ashley Waddington Report
2008 Dr. Christina Dolhaniuk Report
2007 Dr. Kim Butler Report
2006 Dr. Tiffany Wells Report
2005 Dr. Kimberly Liu Report
2004 Dr. Sony Singh Report