A National Birthing Initiative for Canada

Currently, Canada is facing a looming shortage of healthcare professionals providing obstetrical care. Maternal mortality has risen, and women in rural, remote and aboriginal communities face increasing challenges during pregnancy and childbirth. To help ensure mothers and babies receive the quality healthcare services they need during pregnancy and childbirth, the SOGC is calling for the implementation of A National Birthing Initiative for Canada. The SOGC developed the discussion paper below for an inclusive, integrated and comprehensive pan-Canadian framework for sustainable family-centred maternity and newborn care. Read the full report

Health Human Resources Project on Intrapartum Emergency Obstetrical Care

In 2007-2008, the SOGC undertook its Health Human Resources Project on Intrapartum Emergency Obstetrical Care with support from Health Canada. The project is part of the SOGC's National Birthing Initiative, a seven-point action plan to address emerging concerns about the current level of maternity care women in Canada are receiving, and what needs to be done immediately to ensure that an appropriate level of care is available now and in the future.

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Multidisciplinary Collaborative Primary Maternity Care Project

The Multidisciplinary Collaborative Primary Maternity Care Project (MCP2), completed in June 2006, was designed to help address the human resource shortage crisis that exists in the provision of intrapartum care to pregnant women. The overarching goal of MCP2 is to reduce key barriers and facilitate the implementation of national multidisciplinary collaborative primary maternity care strategies as a means of increasing the availability and quality of maternity services for all Canadian women. The findings of MCP2 has helped provide a framework for the development of SOGC’s A National Birthing Strategy for Canada.
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